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    1. Welcome - Xi'neng Boiler GroupTel 0510-85605893 / 85600333xngl@xngl.com
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      TEL: +86 510 85605893 85600333
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      E-mail: xngl@xngl.com
      ADD: No.9 Yanxin East Road, Dev.Zone, Wuxi Jiangsu Province, 214174 P.R.China

      Steam Boiler

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      Circulating Fluidized Bed Boilers

      Product Range

      Steam boiler
      Rated evaporation: lOt/h - 220t/h
      Rated working pressure: 1.25MPa - 9.8MPa
      Rated steam temperature: 450°C - 540°C

      Hot water boiler
      Rated thermal power:14MW - 168MW

      Structural features of this series of products

      • This type is boiler is natural circulation single drum water tube boiler with type structure. The furnace adopts the structure of suspended closed water wall furnace.
      • This kind of boiler adopts water-cooled air chamber and water-cooled air distributor, and uses under-bed ignition structure.
      • The separation process of the boiler adopts water-cooled/high-temperature adiabatic volute cyclone drum, which is arranged outside the furnace. The separation efficiency is over 99%.
      • The superheater, economizer and air preheater of the boiler are arranged in the tail shaft.
      • The boiler has wide adaptability to various kinds of coal. All kinds of inferior coal and gangue can burn well in it.

      Performance advantages

      1、High efficiency and energy saving

      • The structure of membrane water wall is adopted in the furnace combustion chamber.
      • The output is sufficient, the receiving surface is fully and reasonably arranged, and the temperature and pressure rise of the boiler are fast. It can operate stably under 30-110% load.
      • The furnace adopts special anti-wear materials and construction technology.
      • Environmental protection, high desulfurization efficiency and full combustion.
      • The separation efficiency is 99%.
      • All kinds of inferior coal and gangue can burn well.
      • High degree of safety automation, boiler operation adopts remote and near ground monitoring, automatic control and monitoring instruments are complete, safe and reliable, easy to operate. Combined with industrial automation control technology, Internet technology, computer software and artificial intelligence technology, the industrial boiler Internet of things platform is established, which can realize remote human-computer interaction and data sharing.

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