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      Warmly congratulate the company on passing the ASME joint inspection and review
      Author: adminTime: 2023/8/17 9:06:24Read: 0
      From July 12th to July 13th, three experts and teachers from the ASME joint inspection team conducted on-site audits of the company's ASME joint inspection certificate renewal.

      The ASME joint inspection and review team conducted a rigorous, detailed, and comprehensive review of the operation of the ASME quality management system for tin energy boilers and their compliance with ASME Code. After two days of review and evaluation, the ASME Joint Inspection Team has decided to recommend the new phase of the tin energy boiler certification to the ASME Committee for approval.

      The General Manager made a concluding speech at the final meeting, thanking the audit team for fully recognizing the operation of our company's quality system. In response to the valuable suggestions put forward by the audit team, the company will develop an improvement plan, adhere to the principle of continuous improvement, and continuously improve the quality management system, making the workflow more standardized, work efficiency effectively improved, and customer satisfaction continuously improved.

      ASME certification is one of the most authoritative design and manufacturing qualifications for boilers and pressure vessels internationally, and is a passport for boiler and pressure vessel equipment manufacturing enterprises and products to enter the international market. The company needs to undergo joint inspection and certificate renewal every three years, and holding an ASME certificate also signifies that the company's management and technology have always been at the international leading level.