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      Warm congratulations on the approval of the company's A-level boiler manufacturing license review
      Author: adminTime: 2023/8/17 9:05:21Read: 0
      From June 3rd to 5th, four experts and teachers from the audit team of China Special Equipment Testing and Research Institute conducted on-site audits on the renewal of our company's A-level boiler manufacturing license.

      During the review period, the review team carefully reviewed our company's resource conditions, quality system implementation, product quality, equipment, etc., and conducted inspections on the production site. In the end, our company received unanimous recognition and high praise from the review team, successfully passed the review of the A-level boiler manufacturing license, and successfully completed this review work.

      The A-level boiler manufacturing license is one of the important symbols representing the comprehensive strength of the company. The company was first obtained in October 2007 and needs to be reviewed and renewed every four years thereafter. The passing of this review also represents that the company has been constantly keeping up with the times in terms of design, manufacturing, testing, and inspection of Class A boilers, upgrading and transforming its soft and hard capabilities, and always maintaining a leading position in the boiler industry.